Body Lotion 200ml

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Regenerate & Balance, Young as a Newborn 

Rose Otto Extract and Vitamin E repair cell damage, and entrust the skin’s natural membrane to protect the skin. Through extended use, the body’s skin will undergo a positive transformation, appearing soft, smooth, clear; you will have resilient and beautiful skin.

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Amongst this composition of carefully selected ingredients are the extract of Bulgarian Rosa Damascena and the coenzyme Q10 which restore skin cells and revive the skin’s natural shield from environmental factors - its surface.

When used continuously the lotion triggers a positive transformation – elasticity and beauty are restored as the skin becomes softer and smoother. Marista Rosa Damascena & Q10 Body Lotion will make your skin as smooth as that of a newborn baby while protecting it at the same time. Coenzyme Q10 also improves skin elasticity. Glycerin makes the skin softer and boosts moisture retention in the skin. Vitamin E protects the cells from the damaging influence of free radicals, reinforces the protective properties of the skin and preserves its natural, physiological balance.

Thanks to its natural ingredients, the lotion has potent antiseptic properties and prevents infections. If we have to capture in just a single word the sensation one experiences after applying the Rosa Damascena & Q10 Body Lotion, that word would be harmony. Most of you have probably been out in the open air on a summer’s day when fragrances are intense and thick. Have you tried closing your eyes, experiencing the sensation of completeness and unity with nature? Now imagine the fragrance of your body mixing with the fragrance of the Grand Nature. 

This is the harmony, we try to recreate. With each application of our body lotion you will transcend to that moment of unity which will take you away from the dull daily routine and will make you feel confident and safe. Others will notice the change, brought about by Marista Cosmetics. Be healthy, bold and fragrant. Explore the potential of your body.

User Experience: The smooth and moist texture will make your skin feel as soft as down feathers and recover its own bright luster while releasing Rosa Damascena’s elegant fragrance.

We also recommend: For better results from Marista Rosa Damascena & Q10 Body Lotion we recommend that the product be used synergistically with other body products from the line – the handmade soap and the hand cream. Revive your face with our micellar water and our day cream and night cream that contain extracts of the fragrant Bulgarian Rosa Damascena for a dashing day of positive emotions and a calm and tender night.


Love this lotion!

I have a difficult time picking lotion. I want a safe, natural product, but I have very sensitive skin. When I shave my legs, I have to have an intense moisturizer or my skin becomes incredibly itchy and irritated. I'm also picky about scents and don't like a lot of the options from the natural lines.
This is the best lotion that I've ever used. It has a rich, creamy texture and smells divine! If you like floral scents, this one is perfect. It really does smell like roses without being too overwhelming.
The best feature of the lotion is that it actually hydrates and calms my sensitive skin - with safe, natural ingredients!

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