Handmade Loofah Soap

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Handmade loofah soap is famous for its exfoliating properties. It can be extremely beneficial because it not only washes away any skin impurities in full, but also removes any dead skin cells, thus boosting regeneration. You can use it in the shower and in the bath, as an element of daily care for rougher areas and less frequently for more tender areas of the body. Loofah soap is also recommended for people who work in dirty environments which results in serious skin impurities.

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The combination of loofah soap with natural extracts of Bulgarian Rosa Damascena creates a product, especially beneficial to your skin. It is a fact that this extract hydrates and nourishes the skin, helping it recover quickly, making it soft and elastic. Another effective ingredient of this efficient and balanced formula is Argan oil. It has been called “Pure Gold” for a good reason. It visibly removes the wrinkles and prevents their reappearance. Your skin is energized, elastic and healthy.

Turn the daily washing of your body into a ritual for its renewal. Your purified skin will be fresh, soft and visibly rejuvenated. The rhythm of your everyday life, busy with tasks and worries, will slow down. Your senses will be awakened to the beauty of each moment of your day, making the world a better place. Don’t you deserve the incredible aroma of the Queen of Roses, Rosa Damascena? An aroma, praised for a long, long time.

Let us turn our attention to another detail. Growing scientific evidence speak in favor of using loofah soap, instead of a washcloth with loofah. Scientists discovered that the humid environment causes bacterial growth on washcloths, which then spreads on our bodies. Using sponge soap with natural Bulgarian Rosa Damascena ensures that the bacteria will be kept away from your body.

We also recommend: Continue your ritual. After taking a bath using the Marista Rosa Damascena & Argan Peeling Sponge Soap, massage your body with the nourishing body lotion of the same series. In order to feel your face rejuvenated as well, apply the day cream and night cream of the series.

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